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State of Oil & Gas

The complete resource to the state of oil and gas in Wyoming. Learn about the history, recent government impacts, the state of the coal industry, and more.

2019: The State of Oil and Gas in Wyoming

As a local company, it’s our job to make sure our workforce is safe. That’s why it’s important to understand the unique challenges that our customers face. We know that you can’t provide a solution until you understand the problem.

We acknowledge the importance of the oil and gas industry in our region. So, we wanted to share a little history of the oil and natural gas industry and how it’s changing. Learn More

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History of Oil in Wyoming

By 1917, Wyoming had five refineries operating to meet the demands. Historians often refer to the early 1920’s as the heyday of Wyoming oil production and refining. The surge of refineries throughout small towns also led to population increases. Learn More

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Present Day Casper

The Oil City

Oil has been a part of Casper's heritage as far back as the late 1800's. Coupled with Casper's coal and uranium development, our city remains front and center in the energy industry.

Rapid changes and regulations over the past few years have caused Casper's oil, gas and coal production to fluctuate. While some energy sources may be on their way out, others are making a surprising comeback. Learn More


Changes that Impacted the Industry in 2018

The oil industry here in Wyoming was hoping for a comeback during the Trump administration. Prayers seemed to be answered as the local oil and gas industry started to recover in early 2018.

Oil prices rose to over $60 a barrel and futures looked good. That is, until October of the same year. Learn More

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Wyoming's Coal Industry

With all this talk about oil and natural gas, it would appear that the need for coal has fallen by the wayside. Not necessarily.

Wyoming has been the nation’s leading sub-bituminous coal producer since 1986, producing more coal than the next 4 coal producing states combined. Learn More


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