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State of Oil & Gas

The complete resource to the state of oil and gas in Wyoming. Learn about the history, recent government impacts, safety stats, and more.

2017: The State of Oil and Gas in Wyoming

As a local company, it’s our job to make sure our workforce is safe. That’s why it’s important to understand the unique challenges that our customers face. We know that you can’t provide a solution until you understand the problem.

We acknowledge the importance of the oil and gas industry in our region. So, we wanted to share a little history of the oil and natural gas industry and how it’s changing. Learn More

state of oil and gas in wyoming 2017

History of Oil in Wyoming

By 1917, Wyoming had five refineries operating to meet the demands. Historians often refer to the early 1920’s as the heyday of Wyoming oil production and refining. The surge of refineries throughout small towns also led to population increases. Learn More

history of oil in wyoming

2014-2016 Downturn

The Hardest Hit Since the 1990’s

The 2014-2016 downturns in oil prices rattled much of the world.  Oil prices dropped to below $30 a barrel.  Wells were abandoned as companies shut down rigs and laid off workers. The hope was that when oil prices started to rise, companies would return to those unfinished wells before they began drilling new ones.

Reports from March 2017 show that U.S. shale producers are drilling at the highest rate in 18 months. The downside is that record numbers of oil wells are completely unfinished. Learn More

2014 through 2016 downturn

Changes that are Impacting the Industry

The order called for faster and more efficient permits on federal drilling. About 48% of the land in Wyoming is federally owned. Many companies argue that permitting delays have hindered their business.

The current federal law requires permits to be decided with a 30 day time frame. But, average wait time can be up to 257 days. Learn More

government changes impact industry

Safety in the Industry

In 2015, there were about 444 severe injuries in the industry. Dangers such as fire, explosion, chemical exposure and injury to life and limb are just a few. It’s a fast paced industry that never stops. Typical drilling operations run 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Difficult work conditions and long hours are prime conditions for safety oversights. Safety training is more important than ever.

Learn More

oil and gas safety

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